Myth Number Seven

Everything in moderation.

It is hilarious how often people use this mantra. I realize that I occasionally eat crap food but if I do not go overboard, it is all cool. I agree that the there is some logic behind this statement. There are some things that are so difficult to eliminate from your diet that doing so can lead to having a rebound.

I will always love the taste of cheddar cheese, butter, ice cream, ribs, cheeseburgers and steaks. The thing is, not only did I find new foods that provide the same flavor and experience as those, some of them are even better. Now I have the best of both worlds. I still enjoy a California burger with mayonnaise. It just doesn’t contain meat, eggs or cholesterol now. I still love to have pizza delivered. The pizza just has vegan cheese and tempeh on it now.

If I had caved and started using the “everything in moderation” excuse, I would never have discovered these new foods. Now I still get to enjoy great foods except now it does not require harming animals and my diet now contains little fat and zero cholesterol.

The “everything in moderation” mantra is nothing more that an excuse with a sliver of truth behind it. That little shred of truth is what people without much willpower use to make it seem like a logical conclusion. By forcing myself to take the difficult route, I found ways to overcame obstacles and ended up in a much better place.

In short, stop with the excuses and shortcuts. Go big or go home.

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