Theodore Wirth Park (Theo)

There are parking lots all over this park. You can always find an open one somewhere. If not, just park on the street in the Bryn Mawr neighbor a short distance east of the park.
There are various buildings throughout the park with Biffy’s are even bathrooms. Although, it is a big park so they are not that close together.
This is a massive park with a little of everything. It is a lot like Hyland Park in that you will see dirt, sand, pavement, gravel, mud and grass. Another similarity is that both Theo and Hyland are big cross-country ski parks.
It is relatively flat but there are areas with a lot of hills. The northeast corner is primarily switchbacks but there are long, flat trails near and around the lake.
This park is massive and it seems like you can always find a new trail you have not seen before. The west side of the park is primarily devoted to MTB trails. You can run on them but you will probably be yelled at if someone on a bike comes through.