The River Bottoms

There is a large parking lot is located at the end Lyndale Avenue next to the trail entrance.
Primarily dirt trail but a mile is a two-track road and there is also about a half-mile of gravel road at the far end.
Overall mildly hilly. The route along the river is flat but the other half has a few small hills.

Doing the loop counter-clockwise, it starts out as a wooded trail but eventually turns in to a two-track road until you reach the half-way point. The entire first half runs along the Minnesota River and is pretty flat.There is a gravel road for a short distance before heading back on the second half. The back half winds through the trees with a lot of relatively small hills. The largest of which is approximately 35 feet.

There are also a few streams. The larger ones have bridges and the small ones require you to walk across logs and rocks or you can simply leap over them.