Lebanon Hills

There several parking areas available. I chose the one off of Pilot Knob Road which is pretty large and had a lot of open spots. A few were even shaded. Other lots were virtually empty.
There were public restrooms next to the trail entrance as well as a water fountain. There were additional restrooms and fountains at the other lots.
Primarily dirt and gravel trails with a few short sections of two-track roads. Keep your eyes peeled for exposed roots. Some of the trails on the south side of Jensen Lake contained occasional patches of mud. Most of which could be jumped over or easily circumvented. You will also find a lot of wooden bridges in the Jensen Lake area.
Small rolling hills with only a few over 30 feet high.
The route in this map is 8.1 miles but the combination of trails you can take is virtually endless. It can get a little complex at times but the maps are markings actually make it easy to navigate. The combination of