Hyland Park

We parked in the Richardson Nature Center parking lot located on the west side of the park. It was about 20% capacity on a cold, drizzly afternoon weekend.
There are bathrooms and water in the Richardson Nature Center building.
This park has a little of everything. Dirt, grass, wood chips, sand, pavement and mud. Portions of the park were basically flooded all summer so it can get wet.
Overall moderately hilly. The north end is very hilly with ski slopes. However, the southern end is relatively flat with an occasional roller.
If you want a hill workout. Hit the ski hills in the north end of the park. A lot of people run a loop in which they climb alongside a slope then run through the woods back down to the bottom and repeat.

If you just want to run through the woods and see some wildlife, run in the southern end. It is not uncommon to even see deer in this end of the park.