Hyland Park

Total distance: 8.13 mi
Max elevation: 1037 ft
Min elevation: 837 ft

There are parking lots at various locations around the park. The route in the map above began and ended at The Richardson Nature Center lot. It was about 20% capacity on a drizzly Sunday afternoon.
Bathrooms and water were available.
You will find a little of everything. Dirt, mud, gravel, grass, bark, pavement. Everything.
Overall moderately hilly. The southern portion is mostly flat but the northern portion has some substantial hills. Especially in the area near the ski jump and ski hills. One in particular was the steepest I have encountered so far and could only be categorized as ‘extreme’ although, thankfully, it was only about 30 feet high.
We were there after a day of heavy rain and it was still drizzling. There was a lot of mud. Unlike most trails where you can go around or over the mud, at Hyland, your only option is to run through it. One trail had been flooded and required wading through shin-deep water for about 30 feet.

It is surprising how much variety you will find in a relatively small area. Virtually every type of trail you can think of. There are also a lot of different routes available so you can easily choose a route to your liking.