Hello, my name is Dave Kjaer.  This is my story.

img_1039_150_bwI am a middle-aged guy who, after living a sedentary lifestyle for many years, decided to make some changes and become more active. At the time, I had no idea that this decision would eventually change nearly every aspect of my life.

It began with 10 mile bike rides every other day but these rides gradually became longer and more frequent. A few years later I started trying different types of activities. The first was running which was completely foreign to me. I had not run since I was a kid but after seeing so many runners on the trails, I though it was worth a try. Then I tried cross-country skiing after never being on cross-country skis before. I had never known how to swim but I learned and tried it also. All of these were extremely tough at first but a few years later I found myself swimming across lakes, racing a bike on a velodrome track and earning podium spots in multiple marathons.

The strange thing is that when people asked me what caused such a change, I honestly did not have an answer.

CyclingHere’s the thing. I had zero interest in fitness and laughed at the mere thought of working out. If you had told me at the age of 39 that, in five years, I would be standing in a wetsuit at the starting line of a triathlon, I would have done a spit-take and started laughing.

Once my health started improving, it began to affect other aspects of my life. My priorities, goals and passions all shifted. The change was dramatic. I became a vegan and an animal rights advocate. My view of the world changed. My confidence level soared. What is really cool is that I am 100% positive that if 5 year-old me could have looked into a crystal ball to see his future, he would have been happy to see a fit, 50 year-old me racing hard on a bike and fighting for animals (which I have always loved). I have come full-circle and am back where I should have been all along.

At some point I decided to see if I could discover the initial catalyst of these changes by retracing my steps. What I found was definitely not what I expected. What was it? The short answer is that it was kind of by accident. The more detailed answer is shown here in the form of a timeline.

At some point along the way, it occurred to me that I should document all of this so I created the blog on this site. Over time, I added more features and sections that pertain to various other things like the vegan lifestyle, animal rights, environmental causes, computer programming and my lifelong passion for music.

I hope you like the site and find something of interest here.