My Live Music Stats

Some mildly interesting trends based on the data from my Live Music Journal.

Shows By Year

I moved to Minneapolis in 1989 and we had our first child in 2000. You can clearly see how this in the chart below.

Artists Most Seen

Here are the top twelve of the artists I have seen the most. Not surprisingly, local bands dominate this graph.

Breakdown By Venue

First Avenue 46
7th Street Entry 20
The Uptown Bar 8
The 400 Bar 4
Floatrite Park 3
The Cabooze 3
Cedarfest 2
Fitzgerald Theater 2
Hennepin Avenue Block Party 2
State Theater 2
The Quest 2

Here is a breakdown of all venues that I have seen more than one show at. It is clear that First Avenue and 7th Street Entry are my most frequented venues although I saw many shows at The Uptown which were undocumented.