Music Favorites

A list of my music favorites.

Favorite Live Guitar Solo

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

by Paul Gilbert

When I hear Paul Gilbert play, I just have to wonder how one person can posess so much talent. He can play metal like Randy Rhoads, country like Glen Campbell and blues like BB King. The people in the audience at this show were treated to one of the most iconic guitar solos in rock played by the ultimate player.

Favorite Note

Machine Gun (4:00 to 4:15)

by Jimi Handrix

Jimi hits this note right before the 4 minute mark in the song “Machine Gun” on the 1970 live album “Band Of Gypsys”. He holds the face-melting note for several seconds and after it fades, he immediately hits it a second time. I have yet to hear another single note say so much.

Favorite Song

Answering Machine

by The Replacements

This is the last track on the legendary 1984 “Let It Be” album. This is actually a Paul Westerberg solo. The recording is really raw and his gravelly voice never sounded better. Needless to say that the lyrics are absolutley briliiant.