My Motivation

Every second of every day, billions of animals are suffering horribly because of humans. The number of humans that have EVER existed is roughly 100 billion yet, we destroy 56 billion animals every. single. year.

There are only two reasons why this continues to happen…

1) People either believe the myth they were told about needing animal-based foods to be healthy.


2) People are cognizant of this lie yet STILL arrogantly choose to end the life of another sentient being simply to satisfy their taste buds.

My goal is to make people aware of the first reason. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done about the second.

Every mile that I log is for the animals. When I feel like I am suffering at mile 24 of a marathon, I remember that it pales in comparison to the suffering that billions of our animal brothers and sisters are enduring every second of every day because of our arrogance.

Animals are not insignificant and they are not on this planet to use as we wish. Animals cherish life and want to live every bit as much as humans do.

If you believe that humans need to consume animals to be healthy, I offer myself as an example of why you have been gravely misled.