Fitness is a big part of my life. For me, health has priority over just about everything. However, this has not always been the case.

No interest in fitness as a kid
I was a really skinny kid and no matter how much I ate, I could not gain weight. In addition to this, I was also nonathletic and had no interest in sports. Being skinny while doing zero exercise and eating tons of junk made me question why so many people would were spending time and money trying to loose weight. It made me very jaded about fitness.

In my mid-twenties I finally started to put on a few pounds and was thrilled about it. The only problem now was that my tummy was growing but I just figured that it was part of growing old. By my thirties, I was working as a programmer which involved sitting and snacking all day while drinking multiple cans of soda.

At the age of 38 I hit a milestone. I stepped on the scale one day and discovered that I had reached 200 lbs. Coincidentally, this was also the year when my outlook on fitness began to change dramatically. Surprisingly, the reason for the change actually had nothing to do with my weight. It wasn’t until years later that I looked back and found out what the actual catalyst was. You can read all about this in my fitness timeline.

My life now revolves around health and fitness. Good health is worth far more to me than a large home or an expensive sports car.