Book: Wheelmen

by Reed Albergotti & Vanessa O’Connell The name ‘Wheelmen’ refers to the name of a well known cycling group that was founded in the late 1800’s but the term has since become synonymous with the word ‘cyclists’. This book, titled Wheelmen, was written by two Wall Street Journal reporters who not only covered the story of […]

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My New Fat-Bike

I am trying something new this winter. Instead of putting the bike away in October when the temperature drops, I decided to keep going and give winter biking a try. Every time I get on the bike, the same question pops into my head.  WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG? Seriously, it’s fun as hell. […]

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My Ride Around Lake Calhoun

I mounted a camera on my bike and headed over to Lake Calhoun. It was 15 degrees and sunny outside. The ride took 30 minutes but I edited it down to six minutes and added some background music. You can see the Garmin data for this ride here.

30 Days Of Biking – Done!

On March 31, I pledged at 30 Days Of Biking that I would ride every day in April. There was no mileage requirement. Whether you go around the block or commute to work, you just need to ride every single day. I decided to give myself a minimum distance of 10 miles. My reason for […]

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Ironman Bike Ride 2013

I signed up for this ride in the middle of winter and selected the longest ride they had – 100 miles. This race started in 1967 and predates the triathlon so they can still use the name. I wasn’t aware of the reputation this event has for experiencing  bad weather however. Minneapolis just went through one of […]

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