About Me

live in the Twin Cities.
grew up in a small town in northern Minnesota.
listen to a lot of music and maintain a ridiculously large collection.
played guitar and sang in a basement band for 18 months and own a variety of instruments.
enjoy running and have completed six marathons including The Boston Marathon.
enjoy swimming, biking, xc-skiing and yoga.
am a vegan.
have a lovely wife and two teenage daughters who are all active, fit vegans.
wish humans would perceive animals as more than commodities.
have had business cards with the titles of electronic technician, electro-mechanical drafter, electrical controls engineer and software developer.
am currently a full-stack developer AND a network administrator.
like to build websites from scratch in my spare time.
am a longtime fan of video games.
was once a guild master in a World of Warcraft raiding guild.