Lack Of Races Equals Lack Of Motivation

I found out years ago that races kept me motivated but 2020 has shown me that races play a far bigger role than I previously thought. Especially during this part of the year. September and October are when I am typically in peak form.

I rarely sign up up for spring races simply because I despise training in January and February. Fall is the ideal time for a running race in Minnesota. You can train during the summer when the days are long and warm. Then, when the temperatures begin to drop, you are reaching peak form.

It feels really strange this year because all of the statistics that pertain to running are flat-lined this year. My average pace, weekly distance, VO2Max, heart-rate, etc. are all the same now as they were in March. In fact, my average weekly distance all summer long was less than it was in February!

It might be time to put something (anything) on the calendar just for motivation. Maybe just a personal record to aim for by a certain date or even a virtual race.

One idea is a virtual marathon. I have run at least one marathon each year since 2012. It would be nice to keep the streak going. Another idea is to try for a personal 5k record. More to come…

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