Looking Beyond Boston

This marathon is starting to worry me now. The training thus far has been a bit of a clusterf**k. The only race that I have been more ill-prepared for was my first marathon. In that race, I naively set my goal at 3:45 and finished in 4:44.

After five marathons, niavete can no longer be used as an excuse. I should know better. In fact, I do know better and was saying before I even started training that this race was going to suck. Not exactly a great attitude.

The biggest problems have been schedule issues and getting sick after long runs. I am just getting over my second cold since I started training. It hit me the evening after a long run in which I ran too hard. I missed over a week and seem to have lost a noticable amount of speed. The silver lining is that the time off seems to have cured my plantar fascitis.

As bad as this race is going to be, I am still doing it for no other reason than the experience. It will cost a small fortune and beat the hell out of me but this opportunity may not come again.

To be honest, my focus at this point is not Boston. I am already scanning possible races for which I can train properly in the summer and fall. I used to say that Boston was the only spring marathon that I would train for and now I am more sure than ever of that I will NEVER train for a spring marathon.

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