Humans Are Herbivores

Our society has some completely twisted views but the most obtuse and dangerous one of them all is the distorted belief that we are omnivores. Even worse, there are actually people walking our streets who are so deranged that they believe we are carnivores. Forget the fact that, according to biologists and anthropologists who study our anatomy and our evolutionary history, humans are herbivores.

There is no question that the first humans lived entirely on a herbivorous diet. Somewhere, sometime in our history, a human or possibly a small group of humans attempted to eat the carcass of a non-human animal. Nobody knows how or why this happened and we will never really know. My personal guess is that this was done under dire circumstances and the victim was something small and easy to catch like an insect, spider or fish. When they discovered that they could actually survive by consuming other living beings, they slowly and gradually worked their way up to larger animals and eventually began creating tools to make it easier. Wallah, we became hunters and gatherers. This new discovery allowed humans to migrate to regions where they weren’t naturally adapted to live such as northern climates where there were little or no edible plants.

This is where things get distorted. There obviously were no biologists, nutritionists or experts of any kind around when humans initially began attempting to eat other beings. They ate them and survived. That was all they needed to know. Even though their bodies were not designed to consume animals, they overcame these obstacles. I think it’s safe to assume that they didn’t just gather around a dead carcass and start gnawing at it like a real carnivore would. For one thing, it would take forever because human teeth simply are not designed to penetrate a carcass. Don’t believe me? I challenge you to try it. To overcome this limitation, they devised sharp tools that could be used to extract the meat.

When we talk about humans consuming meat, everyone assumes that we are talking about a nicely sliced piece of muscle tissue. Is this all that a real carnivore would eat? Of course not. Throw a fresh rabbit carcass into a dog pen and watch them devour everything including the bones. True carnivores take delight in bloodshed and gore of all kinds. Put a dead animal and a ball in a pen with a puppy and watch the puppy go to town on the carcass.

One method they used to overcome the hurdle of eating like a carnivore without actually being one was to cook the meat.

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