I Just Watched Speciesism: The Movie

000068___Speciesism,_The_MovieI just rented a movie titled Speciesism on the Vimeo video website. Wow! I have seen some amazing documentaries lately but Speciesism: The Movie has the potential to permanently alter your view of the world.

The movie is about a young man named Mark Devries who started out making a documentary on the topic of animal agriculture. As you would imagine, it doesn’t take long before he uncovers the disturbing reality of factory farming. I have seen several documentaries about this topic already but he actually exposes some information that I had never seen before. This would have been interesting on it’s own, however, Devries takes a turn at this point and goes in more philosophical direction. This is where things get really interesting.

I would rather not tell any more about the movie so you can watch it and draw your own conclusions.

It is $4 to rent it for 48 hours on the Vimeo site or you can purchase the DVD for $19.

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