My New Fat-Bike

I am trying something new this winter. Instead of putting the bike away in October when the temperature drops, I decided to keep going and give winter biking a try.

Every time I get on the bike, the same question pops into my head.  WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG?

Seriously, it’s fun as hell. So far I have just been riding my 20 year old hybrid with some larger knobby tires that I found on clearance at the local bike store. The tires barely fit in the frame but they work surprisingly well. However, this past week I decided that this is now going to be an ongoing pass time and bought a fat-bike.

I researched for several weeks online and rode a couple different models at some local stores. I rode a Specialized Fatboy that was really nice but also really pricey. Eventually I came across a local company called Framed that looking intriguing. They seemed super passionate about their bikes which looked spectacular for the price. I went to a store a checked them out and knew instantly that I had found my bike.

The bike I finally pulled the trigger on is a Framed Minnesota 3.0 EWT. The EWT stands for Extra Wide Tires (which are 4.7 inches wide).

As soon as I got home, I mounted a camera, a Garmin and a light on it and took off.  Here is the very first ride that I did on it.


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