Book : No More Bull!

No More Bull

by Howard F. Lyman

This is essentially a follow-up to Howard Lyman’s first book titled “Mad Cowboy”. The book is split into two halves with the second half being all vegan recipes.

The topics in “No More Bull!” were primarily covered in the first book but it is obvious that Lyman had more to say about them. It is refreshing to see that he somehow gained even more conviction during the time between these two books.

The most interesting thing that I read in “No More Bull!” is Lyman’s connection between Mad Cow disease and Alzheimer’s Disease. Mind Blown! Why haven’t more people heard about this?

After reading these two books I am convinced that Howard F. Lyman is a true visionary. Not only does he possess an enormous amount of knowledge but he somehow has the ability to make sense of things and connect the pieces that nobody else can. As a vegan, all I can say is that I’m glad that he’s on our side.

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