Book: Run To Overcome

by Meb Keflezighi

Written in 2010, this book summed up Meb Keflezighi’s entire running career up to him winning the New York City Marathon. In fact, it almost gave me the impression that this book was meant to be his entire career from start to finish and the NYCM actually was considered to be the ‘end’ when he wrote the book. Thankfully, it was not. In fact, Meb might have to write a follow up to this book.

There is no question that he is an extremely good runner with a strong work ethic but one thing that I didn’t realize was the enormous circle of family, friends and coaches that he has supporting him. I also had no idea about all of the obstacles that Meb had to overcome in his childhood. Not only did he and his family endure all of these struggles but they also gained a lot of strength from it.

It is a little amusing to see the amount of detail that Meb recalls from races that he competed in while in high school. How the race went, his strategy, the exact results of everyone else in the race, everything.

Overall, it’s a great, interesting story that really does explain a lot about Meb.

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