Running For Fun Again

Although it is tempting to sign up for another race, I am really enjoying this time when I can just walk out the door whenever I feel like it and run however far I want at whatever pace I feel like. This is the way I used to feel several years ago when I first started running.

I would even say that running is even more enjoyable these days because I have gained a few friends who also run. Solo runs are awesome but there is something to be said for running with others who also understand running. This goes for biking, swimming and skiing as well. One of the highlights of my week these days is when I get to go on a group run with a group from a local running store. The whole time that we are running, all we talk about is, you guessed it, running. “Have you tried the Hoka’s yet?”, “Is anyone doing that a 10k this weekend?”,  “Is anyone training for that marathon this fall?”, “I tried a really good gel on my long run last Saturday.”, etc. Total run geeks.

At the moment, there is nothing on my calendar except a marathon next June and I think I’ll keep it that way.

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