Book : Meatonomics

by David Robinson Simon

This book shed a lot of light on how the meat and dairy industries have gained an enormous amount of power over the past four decades. It also exposes the reality of what they are actually capable of and how they actually gain our support under the guise of health.

It makes me angry to see how easily we have been duped while at the same time fascinates me that the public actually encourages these corporations to play them like fools. These corporations now have complete control of the government and have the ability to influence legislation and route an enormous amount of money their pockets.

David Robinson Simon presents some astonishing information about things like agriculture subsidies, massive marketing campaigns paid for by the government, stacked committees and the blatant hypocrisy of the USDA telling us to consume products that the USDA, itself actually deems unhealthy.

This isn’t just a national issue either. Our government is affecting markets all of the world. The saddest part is how many countries in which hunger is rampant are currently exporting their resources to wealthier countries where obesity has become a major problem. The United States has now become a country full of fat people who high-five each other over their love of cheese, hamburger and bacon while they are literally eating the food right out of the hands of the hungry. This statement is not an exaggeration. If you are a meat-eater in the US or Canada, this is you.

Why aren’t vegans also to blame for this? Because, as Simon points out, a plant-based diet requires a tiny fraction of the land and water resources to produce the same amount of calories. Not to mention the external costs of things like sewage management, increased health costs and the shameful animal cruelty that is completely unnecessary.

As you can tell, this book really struck a nerve with me and I would encourage everyone to read it.

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