Back At It, Finally.

…and not a moment too soon. With my first scheduled race less than 8 weeks away, I really need to get out there and hit it hard. Last Sunday I managed to get an eleven miler in but I should be doing 15+ mile runs by now.

The plan to bump the distance up to 15 this weekend but it won’t be easy. I overslept the morning that I planned to run 8 miles and we had a major snowstorm the next day. I’m going to have to go from 11 to 15 with no more than one 6 mile run in between. This will also be the first run of the year where nutrition plays a major role. Hopefully, the chia seeds that I am experimenting with do the trick.

I’ll feel a lot better about things if the 15 miler goes alright but regardless, it’s great to be running again.

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