My First Triathlon Is Fast Approaching

This will actually be my second attempt at my first triathlon. I signed up for one in July and had all my gear ready top go but a wicked thunderstorm rolled through on the morning of the race.

Ironically, my first triathlon is called “One Last Tri” since it’s the last open-water triathlon held in my state. If I’m going to do a triathlon this year, this is my last chance. I have had trouble this year with races getting cancelled so I can only hope that the weather holds out for this one.

I have to say that I’m a little nervous about the swim but fortunately, my wife (who has already done a tri) is also participating so that should help. It also helps that the swim portion of this race really is about as easy as it gets. It’s only a 400 yard swim along the shoreline of the lake and not only are wet suits legal, they’re recommended.

Last week I was at the pool doing drills and started talking with a gentleman in the next lane asked if I was training for something. I told him about this race. He said that he was actually a triathlon coach and gave a comforting piece of information. He told me that nobody has ever drowned wearing a wet suit in a triathlon. I’ll definatly remind myself of that when I am in the middle of the swim.

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