Book: Eat & Run

by Scott Jurek & Steve Friedman

Ultramarathon runner extraordinaire Scott Jurek suggests that when you run 50 miles or more, your mind becomes the most important tool at your disposal. Fitness and nutrition are obviously crucial but he believes that the brain is the key. This is especially valuable advice when you consider it is coming from someone who has accumulated a long list of ultramarathon victories including seven consecutive wins in the 100 mile Western States Endurance Run and holds numerous records in the sport.

Not only is Scott Jurek a phenomenal runner who trains hard but he is also a physical therapist, an expert on the subject of plant-based eating and is surprisingly well-read on the subject of running and nutrition. He mentions a lot of books which have provided him with valuable information. In short… he really knows what he is talking about.

In this book, Scott talks about his childhood, his days as a cross-country skier, his best friend and pacer Dusty Olson, his first ultra and the many ups and downs of his career.  He covers several major races which include other runners who are well-known in the sport.  Among these races are The Western States 100, The Badwater (which is 135 miles through Death Valley) and the legendary Copper Canyon race written about in the book “Born To Run”.

This is an autobiography but Scott also tells reveals some valuable information about how he has become a better runner. In fact, the part of this book that really surprised me was how he has honestly made me genuinely curious about plant-based eating. Each chapter ends with a recipe that he likes with an explanation of how you can benefit from eating it. He includes food that he eats while running as well as selections from his everyday diet. I will definitely be trying some of them.

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